Finally, the internet at your fingertips.
We've taken the power of Rx30 and made it even more accessible online to grow your business and give your customers easy online access they demand.

Now the playing field is level.

RefillRx Connect has partnered with Transaction Data Systems, Inc to develop a completely redesigned RefillRx system. Part of this development meant expanding on the existing functionality and building for the future while maintaining the amazing support and reliability you are accustomed to.

Rather than launch a new alone, we have developed a new system to give Rx30 pharmacies the opportunity to get their stores online and offer refilling to their customers in a seamless, secure and hasslefree way.

Memberships? Since when?

Removing pharmacy free access to was never an option. We are just adding a new alternative for those looking to expand their internet presence.

The new system is built to support four different type of memberships:

1. Free Access - This gives your pharmacy the ability to send customers to access their prescriptions online at

2. Template Driven - Select a prefabricated template and go online with your own domain to send customers to refill prescriptions.

3. Match Existing - We develop a refill portal that looks exactly like your existing site, so the process is as seamless as possible for your customers.

4. Completely Custom - A site is custom created for you and runs on your own domain. Much like a template, only unique and never duplicated.

*All pharmacy personalized access to the RefillRx system is hosted with RefillRx Connect. Due to security restrictions, there are no public API's available.

Now supported on:

So what exactly has changed?

Remember those cards you had to write and hand out? They're gone. Your customers will be able to go online and register without any assistance from you. We have done away with the use of cards and we're sure they won't be missed!
Brand new look and feel to and a new way to update and maintain your pharmacy online 24/7 here on These changes were more than skin deep. The entire system has been rebuilt from the ground up, not using one line of code from the old system.
Ability to have an amazing website online in a matter of days and it can't get any easier. The pharmacy control panel allows simple updating any time of day or night. *Time to site becoming live depends on current load, you will be notified of expected launch time soon after sign-up.

*Due to the complete overhaul of the original system, we are requiring returning pharmacies re-register with the new system. Don't worry though, you still have access to your old profile information.